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THE 2023 FESTIVAL will be held June 8th - 11th, 2023.  Schedules and ticket order forms will be available soon.

We are working on the upcoming 2023 Glenn Miller festival . 

Links to some of our favorite Bands and Orchestras

  • World-Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, led by Nick Hilscher – click HERE

  • World-Renowned Tom Daugherty Orchestra, led by Tom Daugherty - click HERE

  • 4-time World Champion Ragtime Piano player, Adam Swanson - click HERE

  • Nebraska Brass Band, led by Glenn Greet - click HERE

  • UNO Jazz Ensemble, led by Dr. Pete Madsen - click HERE

  • Gooch & His Las Vegas Big Band – click HERE

  • Bill Baker's Big Band, Rijswijk, The Netherlands – click HERE

  • Canadian Brass – click HERE

  • Tamana Girls High School Band - click HERE

  • Toronto All Star Big Band - click HERE

  • 312th United States Army Band, Lawrence, Kansas - click HERE

  • Shades of Blue Jazz Ensemble- click HERE

  • Osaka Raiders Jazz Orchestra - click HERE

  • Key of Steam - click HERE

  • Blue Beginners, Japan - click HERE

  • Lady Luck Trio - click HERE

  • Swing Esquire Orchestra - click HERE

  • Des Moines Symphony String Section - click HERE

  • Hunter Fuerste & His American Vintage Orchestra - click HERE

  • Jack Million Band - click HERE

  • Jan Slottenas Orchestra - click HERE

  • Five by Design - click HERE

Call the Museum 712-542-2461 or Contact Us for more information.

The Glenn Miller Festival is officially endorsed by the Glenn Miller Estate.

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