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We are working on the 2024 Glenn Miller Festival,
scheduled for June 6 - 9, 2024. Check back for more details. 


The following concerts, from the 2023 Glenn Miller festival, can be found below:

  • Gooch & His Las Vegas Big Band concert, click HERE

  • "I Sustain the Wings" Spragg / Freytag / John Miller tribute & new CD announcement, click HERE

  • "Question & Answer" by Erik Stabnau director of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, click HERE

  • GMBS Big Band Chesterfield Show, click HERE

  • GMBS Music Scholarship winners and Nick Hilscher GMBS Lifetime Award, click HERE

  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra, click HERE

The 2024 Glenn Miller festival flyer, schedule and ticket order forms will be found here when completed

The 2024 Glenn Miller festival booklet can be found here when completed

Links to some of our favorite Bands and Orchestras

  • World-Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, led by Erik Stabnau – click HERE

  • World-Renowned Tom Daugherty Orchestra, led by Tom Daugherty - click HERE

  • 4-time World Champion Ragtime Piano player, Adam Swanson - click HERE

  • Nebraska Brass Band, led by Glenn Greet - click HERE

  • UNO Jazz Ensemble, led by Dr. Pete Madsen - click HERE

  • Gooch & His Las Vegas Big Band – click HERE

  • Bill Baker's Big Band, Rijswijk, The Netherlands – click HERE

  • Michael Lyon Swing Band - click HERE

  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra - click HERE

  • Canadian Brass – click HERE

  • Tamana Girls High School Band - click HERE

  • Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra - click HERE

  • Toronto All Star Big Band - click HERE

  • 312th United States Army Band, Lawrence, Kansas - click HERE

  • Shades of Blue Jazz Ensemble- click HERE

  • Osaka Raiders Jazz Orchestra - click HERE

  • Key of Steam - click HERE

  • Blue Beginners, Japan - click HERE

  • Lady Luck Trio - click HERE

  • Swing Esquire Orchestra - click HERE

  • Des Moines Symphony String Section - click HERE

  • Hunter Fuerste & His American Vintage Orchestra - click HERE

  • Jack Million Band - click HERE

  • Jan Slottenas Orchestra - click HERE

  • Five by Design - click HERE

Call the Museum 712-542-2461 or Contact Us for more information.

The Glenn Miller Festival is officially endorsed by the Glenn Miller Estate.

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